Contents : Amino acids, Vitamins, Proteins, Sea Weed Extract.

Chargex is an innovative and modern bio-stimulant for stimulation growth & increase in yield with high quality.

Chargex is recommended for foliar and soil application for all vegetables, groundnut, grapes, cotton, oil seed and chilies & to every type of fruit for stimulating growth, promotion of flowering & thus increase in yields.

Chargex can be used as foliar or it can also be drenched near roots. Chargex brings about overall vegetative growth of plants. It increases the number of flowers and fruits. It also helps in increasing the size, luster on fruits and also increases the shelf life of produce.

Time of Application :

1st spray : At Flowering stage

2nd spray : At Fruit setting stage

3rd spray : At fruit development stage (15-20 days after second spray)

4th spray : As per requirement

Dosage : 25ml Chargex per 100 litre water. (0.5ml-1ml Chargex per litre water)