About us

Bask Organics is a whole fully registered Ugandan based company which was incorporated on the 27th day of March, the year 2015 under a sole proprietorship.

Bask organics is a leading distributor of a wide range of organic products  in Uganda on behalf of Swaroop Agrochemical Industries, a Chemical Engineering company from Mumbai which was incorporated in 1993. Our range of products now include Micro-Nutrients, Natural and Certified Organic growth promoters, 100% Natural Herbal pesticides, Speciality inorganic Agro-chemicals as well as pesticides. The company has been awarded Patent for their products G-5 Bio- organic granules, Humigel (humic Acid in Gel form) and Vetonema (Herbal Nematicide) by the Government of India in 2005, Shittah which manufactures their products from India and certified organic products as well as 100% Natural Organic products as per NPOP standards under the certification from a prestigious certification agency NOCA (PUNE) affiliated to APEDA and Agro-life solutions, a Kenyan company respectively. i.e., pesticides of the highest quality and properly organically approved by organic standards.

Bask organics entered an agreement with Swaroop and Shittah in the year 2011 and Agro-Life solutions, a Kenyan based company in the year 2012.

Bask was also  given powers of attorney by Hanfeng Biotechnology Co. Ltd Qingdao and Hangeng brands. It was authorized as a sales Agent of Hanfeng and Hanfeng brands in Uganda on the 6th day of July, the year 2016.

Bask Organics has the mandate to operate in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Sudan and Ethiopia. Our Ugandan based company is housed at Nakivubo-place, container village.

Core Business

Our primary objective is to fulfill your needs by synthesizing complex organic molecules and fine chemical intermediaries.

Quality is our way of life. It is what we live by and strive for, supplying quality produce at all times.